My passion, is to catch great candid photos!

2009-This will be a little look into what Infertility can make a person think and do.

2011-Now this has turned into a Photography Blog. The infertlity is real and has pushed us back on growing into a family. We will be raising and saving funds for an adoption possibly in the future. For now its try and live life and be happy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 52: 5 out of 52

All the excitement from this week has REALLY helped me see myself moving forward with this Photography stuff.

I bought a new lens this week, 50mm aka the Nifty-Fifty. I have wanted this for a good long while now. I borrowed this lens from a friend during the labor and delivery of my Besties baby.

I fell in love!

This weeks suggestions were: Steel or Ennui

Ennui: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction, or boredom

I did not think I would find "Ennui" this week. But I have! Something always seems to come up without me really searching for these moments that are in the suggestions that I find.

The New Big Brother spending some quality time with his Grandma reading the infamous: I'm a Big Brother book.

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