My passion, is to catch great candid photos!

2009-This will be a little look into what Infertility can make a person think and do.

2011-Now this has turned into a Photography Blog. The infertlity is real and has pushed us back on growing into a family. We will be raising and saving funds for an adoption possibly in the future. For now its try and live life and be happy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52

I have given myself a Photography challenge! Project 52 It represents 52 photos in 52 weeks, 1 photo a week posted. No problem! This "project" is supposed to follow a "theme", well I sure can not think of 1 theme to hold my interest for the whole year. So I will be taking pictures to make myself get out my camera and take pics based on a subject for the week. I found some info that fits just what I wanted to achieve. So for this week I went with Week 1 "black and white" from 2010. I do not know how to edit so I try to take the best picture through my lens. I currently have a Canon Rebel XS, this was a early Christmas present in 2008 from my wonderful husband. I LOVE IT! I recently (thanks to an online friend) have been actually "using" the camera! Meaning it is set in "M" manual mode, I am telling the camera how to take the pic. It is frustrating at many times but when something good comes out I am one happy lady. :)

So here is my 1st pic to start out the year!

1 out of 52

This has been my week :) preparing for my Besties Baby Shower! Her sister and I are hosting a Princess themed shower this weekend. This is her second child but it's the little girl that she has so badly wanted. This picture is the Bath Salts for her guest as party favors. I slaved over this project for a week, lol! Homemade bath salts are not hard, but when your making enough for possibly 70 guest it gets a little boring and tedious. They really turned out well in the end and I think Mrs. Mommy-To-Be will LOVE them.

Hope everyone has a good week ahead!


  1. What a wonderful picture! And I'm sure the mom to be will be delighted. I'm also doing a project 52 and I was wondering if I could post add your link to my blog? Thanks.

  2. nice composition & DOF!!!! Looks like you figured out how to link--if not: hilight what word you want "linked" to the website you are going to send the link to & then click the little world to the right of the T in your writing dashboard! Follow the directions! :)

  3. @Shawna- I have YOU to thank for my pic! You have made a huge difference and I can not Thank You enough for the book suggestion of "Understanding Exposure". And yes I FINALLY figured it out, ugh frustration, but I stayed with it :)
    @Ma Bacon-Thank you for your compliment! The Momma LOVED them and the shower was a great success (besides us ending up with her in labor, lol. They was able to stop labor as she is still alittle earlier than they'd like.) and enjoyed by everyone.
    You are welcome to share my site and I am going to work on the linking of the other blogs with Project 52 today.

  4. Can't wait to see the Bestie's baby shower pics!!! :)
    Link me to your Project 52 and I'll do the same back.
    If you can remember to stop by my blog and comment on this post I'll be sure to add you next week and The Blogroll will begin!!

  5. @Tori-the Baby Shower pics are on my FB page you are welcome to browse. They were my 1st pics in low light that actually turned out "have way decent". A good time was had by all. I even got to time her contractions during dinner out and then have our food boxed up cause she was in PRE-TERM LABOR! The Dr FINALLY got them to stop around 6am.