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2009-This will be a little look into what Infertility can make a person think and do.

2011-Now this has turned into a Photography Blog. The infertlity is real and has pushed us back on growing into a family. We will be raising and saving funds for an adoption possibly in the future. For now its try and live life and be happy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1st RE visit

We had our 1st RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist?) to see what his opinion is on helping our child come to a reality.

So Jan 15, 2010 we wake up nice and early to go downtown Louisville to meet with our Specialist. We arrive in better than planned time, with rush hour you just never know what you will come across. So we arrive and find his office location. Very nice nurses and a fabulous wait time, I almost DIDN'T have to wait. This has been uncommon at the other Dr's. offices I have seen lately.
So I am weighed and Blood Pressure taken. We are escorted to an office where I am to finish filling out all our paperwork.

Dr. Morris(?) along with an intern greet me shortly after I completed the paperwork. He reviews the info and then ask if I bought my chart with me. My "wonderful" OB/GYN office was supposed to send my chart. Yeah, they sent my chart but no HISTORY?! I was pissed! Pissed beyond words. I go to a Specialist Appt to speak about our Conception issues and your NOT going to send the Infertility work that was done?! (Needless to say, they received a call in regards to getting ALL my info to the office.)
So now I am at a consult visit and they can only give me information based on the info that I can give them. Based on this Dr. Morris suggest possible PCOS. I can handle that. Take some Fertility Meds to increase the Egg Quality (exactly what I wanted to hear!) THEN....Dr. Nakajima (the ACTUAL RE) comes into the room after a quick overview with a talk from Dr. Morris. He then states his concern with my Fallopian Tube. He believes that the tube is a "Hydro" Tube meaning the tube produces fluid and since my tube has a possible physical abnormality the fluid stays in the tube and becomes TOXIC. This toxic fluid is then released into the Uterus, causing a terrible environment for a embryo to survive also the fluid cause the surface to be slippery and can cause problems with an embryo TO attach.
I was/am devastated. The continues to tell is there is a surgery that can be done to remove the bad tube. "Oh, lets talk more about this!" HA that was a joke. There IS a small surgery BUT since I have Chrones Disease the Fallopian Tube is possibly wrapped around my bowels. So in turn during the small surgery that COULD be done, they may puncture my bowel and then have to REALLY open my up and remove more bowel and have a long recovery. (I am sorry but I am in remission from my Chrones and REALLY DO NOT want to go backwards!) Patrick and I both are in agreeance that this surgery is just not an option for us. He used the word "Risky" too often, and to us that sounds just devastating.
So after the talk I am asked to get some bloodwork to check some hormone levels. I ask to see if I could get something to eat first as I don't do well with bloodwork and haven't had anything to eat since it was early morning. They then request for a Glucose test since I have been "fasting", I was like sure! Why Not?! Then as we are walking down the hall to the Lab, I find out I would have to stay AT the office for 2 hours in order for the Glucose Test to be achieved. I have other appts, as I wasn't expecting to stay at the drs. for 4 hours. So we decide the Glucose test will be done on a later date, but I still have the bloodwork drawn. I have a very hard time with this procedure. Me+Needles+No food=bad First I have inherited the veins from my Mother that like to "roll around" (ugh gives me chills just to write it!), Second Needles have always freaked me out whether I am have blood taken away or having something injected it ALL just messes with me. So here we go! I tell them ahead of time my issues. So lets get started, one arm doesn't cooperate NEXT she gets this arm to work out. Then my hand starts to tingle, kinda the its falling asleep feeling, I tell her this and then almost immediately after I tell her I start to feel the world start to get fuzzy. She lets the tourniquet loose and the tingling goes away, but the fuzzy that stays! Then I can't hear, she tells me to rest my head backwards. That was soo hard to do, by this point my head is in my elbow. I do get the energy to move the body and have my head resting on the wall. BUT the world goes BLACK, I start to sweat and freak out. She tells me just to breathe, ok I can do that she will be done as soon as she can, I must start to freak out again cause she tells me again, just concentrate on deep breaths. Oh my, I could feel the sweat rolling down my chest. All I could think was "Tell them to get you a cold towel." But I am not able to speak by this point. FINALLY she is done and able to get me some water and an icepack!! All of that felt sooo good. She ask if I'm OK and I was like yea, but just give be abit. She tells me well I'm not leting you get up for 10minutes, not until I know your alright. So I sit with this bar in front of me to lean on, reminded me of a adult highchair, lol. She says you want a baby right? At this point I REALLY had to think about it cause what I just went through was quite an adventure for me. But I did say Yes. Just wish I didn't have to go through all of this to get there.
After my 10 minutes, my icepack is now no longer anywhere near cold and 2 cups of water later I am allowed to go wait in the waiting room with Patrick. She whispers to him, that I had almost passed out and needed to wait 5 minutes before leaving. So we sit in an empty 6 chaired waiting room. He looks at me and says: "Your such a Panti-Waste. Almost passing out from giving blood, lol." He loves me! I am very weak after the ordeal but I have places to go and food to eat. I tell the receptionist that I am leaving and she says "OK, well your standing and your color has returned so you should be fine." I am wondering how white I must have been?! It is winter time so I have no color already!
We are told to give them a call on the first day of my new cycle to set an appt on day 3 for 3day bloodwork. (YAY!!!! More bloodwork!!) On this day I am also going to have the Glucose test done to get it over with, so yes I am going to be going into the office AGAIN without any food on my stomach to once again have blood removed. Should be a blast!! I then will stay for 2 hours, Ipod in hand, for the test to be complete.

I have now called my Dr. to request that ALL of my Fertility Work to be sent to Dr. Nakajimas' office. So they should receive that next week, if not sooner. I still need to call Radiology at Baptist East to get the actual film of the HSG that was performed and take that to the Dr.
I do believe that I will be making the call to have my bloodwork scheduled for Monday Jan. 25, 2010 to get this next step completed. Until then this the end of our Journey into the next steps. I sure hope the Dr. was stressing on the worst to not get my hopes up, only to have them crumble. But for the moment that we stand it appears that we may never have our OWN biological child.

Our future is unknown and I can't wait to see what it holds.

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